Westin Add-It Spinnerbait Propeller Large

Det ursprungliga priset var: 119,00 kr.Det nuvarande priset är: 99,00 kr.

Add-It Spinnerbait Propeller has two custom made semi-soft propellers that create a totally new and different turbulence under the water, which no predator fish can resist – they can feel it a mile away! The unique design and mount of the propellers ensures that one revolves to clockwise and the other counter-clockwise (two directions). Not only does this create an insane amount of turbulence in the water, it also ensures the Spinnerbait rig always runs straight. With a simple twist quickly Add-It to your favorite soft or hard lure and turn it into a spinnerbait! Thanks to our corkscrew system quickly and securely attach any lure with ease. Fish it slow in cold water, or fast over weed beds in the warmer months. The wide eyelet and precision-made construction ensure that your lure will swim freely at any speed.

  • Heavy Duty Stainless steel wire
  • Fast and secure corkscrew attachment system
  • Custom made semi-soft propellers
  • Left and Right propeller rotation to ensure straight lure action